Pattern Generator for Mitake Gumi Braid - 16 tama
This is a flat, thick braid, an example of which is shown below,

which is formed from the following sequence of moves:

Ever since I became interested in kumihimo and the marudai, I wanted to know how to tell what the final braid would look like from any particular starting arrangement of tama, without actually making the braid. Before creating the pattern generator I had either relied on pictures in books or on the www.   After much thought and examination of how the braid was formed as the moves were made, I finally came up with an automatic pattern generator for this particular braid. It is a Microsoft Word document (so you'll need MS Word for PC to be able to use it) with built-in graphics which allow you to choose any colour arrangement as a starting pattern, and shows you what both the front and the reverse of the resulting braid will look like before you actually create the braid on the marudai. Below is a picture of the generator, which also comes with two pages of instructions.

The Pattern Generator costs 10 GB Pounds (Pounds Sterling). PayPal is the only method of payment if you live outside the UK. Within the UK you can use PayPal or pay by cheque or postal order. To use PayPal, click the button below. To get details of how to pay by cheque or postal order (UK only), send me an email, with "pattern generator" as the subject.
The Pattern Generator will be sent as an email attachment.
Important: Please do not purchase if:
(i) you do not have MS Word for Windows for PC, or
(ii) your email provider does not allow you to receive email attachments.

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